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Municipal Court operates under the laws of the State of Georgia and try all misdemeanor traffic and criminal cases, (with some limitations), code enforcement cases and city ordinance violations that occur within the city limits of Stockbridge. Approximately 400 local courts are part of the Georgia court system.

Municipal and Special Courts: These courts serve incorporated municipalities and operate under various names with varying jurisdictions.

Courts of incorporated municipalities try municipal ordinance violations, issue criminal warrants, conduct preliminary hearings, and may have concurrent jurisdiction over shoplifting cases and cases involving possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

Qualifications of judges and terms of office in municipal courts are set by local legislation.


4602 North Henry Blvd

Stockbridge, GA 30281-3651

Google Map to Stockbridge Municipal Court in Henry County

Phone: 770-389-7906

Judge - Matthew McCord

Solicitor - Nicolle Ramsey

Clerk of Court - Anita R Gunnoe

Probation Officer – ZSI Probation Service (770) 504-0340

“Super Speeder” law – O.C.G.A. §40-6-189, Effective 1 Jan 2010, Classification as super speeder; fees; funding for trauma care system.

In addition to any other fines or penalties imposed by any local jurisdiction or the Department of Driver Services (DDS), the DDS shall administer and collect a fee of $200.00 from any driver who is convicted of driving at a speed of 85 miles per hour or more on any road or highway or 75 miles per hour or more on any two-lane road or highway as defined in Code Section 40-6-187. Such a driver, upon conviction, shall be classified as a “super speeder”.


Click here to access the DDS website or contact DDS at (678) 413-8400


Click  here for a list of common Court fines


Please Note: Most Under 21 violations are "Must Appear", due to stricter penalties assessed by the Georgia Department of Drivers' Services against the license. Contact Court for further information.



Payment information is on the back of your citation. If your citation does not require a mandatory appearance, it may be paid until 4:00 p.m. daily, up to the day before your court date. The court accepts money orders, Discover, American Express, Visa or MasterCard credit cards and debit cards with the Discover, Visa or MasterCard logo and payment online at There is a convenience fee of 4% for all credit/debit card payments. The court does NOT ACCEPT CASH OR PERSONAL CHECKS. Money orders may be made out to Stockbridge Municipal Court and must be received, if mailed, prior to the court date, to:

Stockbridge Municipal Court
4602 North Henry Blvd
Stockbridge, GA 30281


The court will no longer be using PayPal and ticketfastpay for credit/debit card payments.  Instead, citations may be paid online using the link below which takes you directly to the payment screen.  Once information has been entered, a detailed screen shows the citation number, description of charge, court date & time, if it is a “Must Appear” offense and the amount of the fine.  The process is more efficient and detailed than the previous method.  A 4% convenience fee will be applied to all credit/debit card transactions.


To pay online:


To Pay Jail Bond Online


To pay by phone, or to get information on court date and/or ticket amount, call:  1-844-324-8813.



For the Basic Rules of Court Conduct in English, click here.


The following dress code applies to all persons entering the courtroom.

Males: shall wear shoes, long pants and shirts

Females: shall wear shoes, dresses, skirts or long pants, with blouses, sweaters or casual dress shirts.


All pagers, cell phones and electronic devices brought into the courtroom shall be kept in the “OFF” mode at all times.

Any deviation from the above code shall be approved on a case-by-case basis by the presiding judge.


We do not accept payment of fines on court day, prior to court. You may be permitted to pay a cash bond after calendar call.

Appearing late on your court date will result in a contempt charge of $50.00. 

Failure to appear will assess a contempt charge of $100.00 and suspension of your driving privileges and possibly a warrant being issued for your arrest.

Copies of accident or incident reports may be obtained from the Henry County Police Department 770-288-8239.

If you wish to enter a NoLo plea, you must appear and request this from the Judge. The charge will be sent to the Department of Drivers’ Services, but it does not assess any points.

The Judge and Solicitor are only here during court sessions. They do not have an office here and are not available to discuss your case prior to your court date.

Additional parking is available next door at City Hall.

ZSI Probation does not have an office here. They are here on court days and reporting days only. They do not receive messages here.

There shall be no videos, photographs or recordings in the
Courtroom unless you have received prior written approval from the Court.

Please be aware, on court days, a staff member may not be available at the upstairs window. Please inquire at window downstairs during this time. 


Court employees cannot give legal advice or recommend attorneys. You should always consult an attorney of your choice to obtain legal advice.


We prefer all entries, leaves of absence, conflicts, etc. be sent via email to


Please call the court for any questions concerning your citation and court date and time.
Phone: 770-389-7906

To see the 2016 ARRAIGNMENT CALENDAR, click here.

To see the 2017 ARRAIGNMENT CALENDAR, click here.






      Phone: 770-389-7906,   Fax: 770-389-7969


      Clerk of Court

      Anita Gunnoe Ext. 221

      Email Ms. Gunnoe


      Deputy Court Clerk

      Vacant ext. 256



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