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City Manager

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city and devotes all of his or her working time and attention to the affairs of the city and is responsible to the Mayor and City Council for the administration of all city affairs placed in the manager's charge by or under the City Charter. Major duties include:


  • Assist the Mayor as needed with preparation of the annual operating budget and capital budget to be presented to the City Council;
  • Act as a liaison between the Mayor/City Council and the public by responding to inquiries and resolving conflicts;
  • Represent the Mayor and City Council at various meetings and social functions as directed;
  • Develop materials for meetings of the City Council;
  • Attend all council meetings, unless excused there from;
  • Attend committee meetings when requested;
  • Make recommendations to the City Council as needed;
  • Implement decisions made by the council;
  • Administer policies and programs as approved by the City Council by directing departments in the procedures necessary for implementation;
  • Keep the City Council advised of the financial and administrative affairs affecting the city;
  • Prepare progress reports;
  • Submit to the Mayor and City Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the city as of the end of each fiscal year and make such recommendations as may be deemed desirable;
  • Develop short and long-term plans for city operations and act as city's principal liaison on economic development activities;
  • Recommend to the governing body adoption of such measures as may be deemed necessary or expedient for the health, safety or welfare of the community or for the improvement of administrative services;
  • Investigate the affairs of the city or any department or division thereof;
  • Investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the government of the city and with regard to services maintained by the public utilities in the city;
  • Ensure that all franchises, permits and privileges granted by the city are faithfully observed;
  • Provide reports and information to the media as requested upon approval by the Mayor;
  • Supervise all department heads and city employees;
  • Execute documents on behalf of the Mayor where so authorized in a written document describing the authority granted and executed by the Mayor;
  • Appoint and employ all necessary employees of the city, provided that excepted from the power of this appointment/employment are those officers and employees who, by the City Charter, are appointed or elected by the Mayor or City Council;
  • Direct and supervise all department heads and city employees and the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the city, except as otherwise provided by the City Charter or by law;
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding qualified candidates to fill open positions within the city;
  • Exercise supervision and control of all departments and all divisions created in the City Charter or that hereafter may be created by the City Council except as otherwise provided in the City Charter or general law;
  • Suspend with or without pay for up to thirty (30) days in accordance with the city's personnel policy and general law where applicable any city employee serving under the supervision of the City Manager;
  • Remove employees below the level of a department head in accordance with the city's personnel policy and general law, without the consent of the City Council and without assigning any reason therefor;
  • Recommend the suspension, termination or other reprimand of a department head nominated by the Mayor and appointed by the City Council, which the City Manager must present to the Mayor within two (2) business days thereof in writing, and absent a written objection from the Mayor within five (5) calendar days of the notice of same to the Mayor from the City Manager, said personnel action shall be imposed;
  • Make such other reports as the Mayor or City Council may require concerning the operations of city departments, offices and agencies subject to the manager's direction and supervision;
  • Perform other such duties as may be required by the Mayor and City Council that are specified in the City Charter or as may be required by the City Council and which are not inconsistent with the City Charter, laws, ordinances or resolutions.








      Until Filled Mayor Judy Neal

      is Acting City Manager


      (770) 389-7904



      (770) 389-7912





      email Mayor Neal


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